Increase in profit up to 120% in 7 days

Guaranteed income & safety of your investments

×1 lap

Status: Finished

1.9% dailyfor 7 days

  • Min Deposit:$10.00
  • Max Deposit:$1000.00
  • Limit:1 deposit (per user)
  • Referral bonus:3%
  • Lap starting:26.11.2018
  • Saturday bonus:+3% to deposit
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×2 lap

Status: Active

2.05% dailyfor 7 days

  • Min Deposit:$50.00
  • Max Deposit:$2000.00
  • Limit:2 deposits (per user)
  • Referral bonus:3%
  • Lap starting:03.12.2018
  • Saturday bonus:+4.5% to deposit
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×3 lap

Status: upcoming

2.14% dailyfor 7 days

  • Min Deposit:$70.00
  • Max Deposit:$2580.00
  • Limit:3 deposits (per user)
  • Referral bonus:3%
  • Lap starting:10.12.2018
  • Saturday bonus:+5.4% to deposit
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×4 lap

Status: upcoming

2.20% dailyfor 7 days

  • Min Deposit:$85.00
  • Max Deposit:$3000.00
  • Limit:4 deposits (per user)
  • Referral bonus:3%
  • Lap starting:17.12.2018
  • Saturday bonus:+6.0% to deposit
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in developing...

Our program is designed for many years. Every 7 days we will add one more upcoming circle. Stay with us!

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Simon Rozenfeld
Chief Visionary Officer

About the project

7 DAYS CAPITAL is a modern Internet project for attracting small private investments in a real exchange trading. Classical securities trading gives an opportunity to earn big money and have a steady income.

We have developed a unique strategy that guarantees the daily income and security of your investments.

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Graphs of changes in key indicators November 2018 - April 2019

Unique strategy

Our financial analysts have developed a unique strategy to attract private investments. It is based on 7-day laps. During the weekly lap we get deposits from private investors and form an investment package. At the end of the week we distribute the received income between investors and the company.

The strategy was based on a smooth growth of the main indicators of the logarithmic curves. This will allow us to increase the capitalization of the project, avoid a sharp outflow of funds and extend the project existence.

We increase the opportunities of investors with each lap: we increase the daily interest rates, limits and the number of possible deposits. This ensures the smooth development of the project and guarantees the safety of deposits.

How it works?


Deposits are collected during the week. The company's strategy provides for a smooth growth of capitalization due to a gradual increase in deposit limits. This allows us to protect the company's fund from large one-tine financial losses.


The team of professional financiers of our company combines the collected deposits into several pre-planned investment packages (pools) for further financing.


During the weekly round, the formed pools are invested in the stock market. Our analysts highlight the best companies in many ways in each of the market sectors. All companies consistently pay dividends and grow ahead of the broad market.


By the end of the current round we pay the predicted profit along with the body of the deposit to all our investors. For the rest we pay for the services of the company's employees and increase the capitalization of our company.

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Dear partners of 7DAYS CAPITAL! We are glad to inform you that the first lap has been successfully completed. Investors from India, Canada, Spain, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Iran, Korea, the Philippines and many other countries have joined us! The total number of investors is more than 1,500 people, and the company's money turnover is growing daily.
We're launching the second lap.
Earn and grow with us!

The platform is updated, referral commission is charged to the upline when the investor creates a deposit from the balance. Invest! Your possibilities are limitless!